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Health Bureau Urges Food Handling Safety

Health Bureau Urges Food Handling Safety
Hitting the road for a picnic or cookout? Cases of food related illness peak in the summer months, so if you’re on the move with food, remember these food safety tips.

• Always wash hands before and after handling food. Soap and water is best, but hand sanitizer will do if running water isn’t available.
• Carry your food in coolers packed with extra ice or ice packs. On hot days over 90° F don’t let coolers sit in the car for more than one hour. Avoid keeping your food in hot car trunks too.
• Keep raw meats and poultry wrapped and separate from cooked foods and fresh produce.
• Use a food thermometer to make sure foods are cooked to a safe internal temperature. You can’t tell by just looking.
o Ground beef, pork and veal – cook to at least 160° F
o Poultry and ground poultry – cook to at least 165° F
o Everything else – cook to at least 145° F
• Don’t leave food out for more than two hours – no more than one hour when it’s over 90° F. Get it back on lots of ice or throw it out. Don’t take the risk if it’s been sitting out in the sun.
Remember, escaping the kitchen doesn’t mean escaping bacteria and the illness it causes if you’re not careful to handle your food safely. Share these important tips with someone you know who is planning your next outdoor event!

If you have more questions on safe food handling, contact the Allentown Health Bureau at 610-437-7759 or go on-line to
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