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City Readies for Snow & Ice

City Readies for Snow & Ice

The city of Allentown is preparing for as much as eight inches of snow and ice later Saturday and Sunday and an anticipated flash freeze.

Public Works Director Craig Messinger says plows and material spreaders are mounted on 49 trucks to make traveling in the city as safe as possible. “Those vehicles will be out enforce Saturday and Sunday to try to clean streets of as much snow as possible before the deep freeze occurs,” said Messinger. “We are tapping manpower from public works, building standards and parks to work 12 hour shifts. We urge motorists to try to stick to the main roads. Frigid temperatures are our worst enemy. We expect the deep freeze to create some snowpack on secondary roads and especially in alleys making driving difficult.”

Street crews will be spreading salt and anti-skid material treated with liquid calcium chloride, but if the temperature dips quickly into the single digits as anticipated Sunday, snowpack is going to result.

There are 421 miles of city streets representing 1300 lane miles for crews to clean.

The city has an ample supply of material. Virtually the entire road network in the city will be brined.

City residents are advised to clear their sidewalks and driveways on Sunday morning before the temperature plummets. They are asked to avoid throwing snow back onto the streets.

The city’s Emergency Operations Center at 1825 Grammes Road will be activated for the storm.

The city’s "Snow Operations Hotline" will be ready to go at 3:00 Saturday at 610-437-7669.


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