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PA UCC Customers
PA Uniform Construction Code Updates
take effect February 14, 2022
  • The 2018 editions of the International Codes adopted by UCC regulations, as modified by the PA UCC RAC, are to be used for construction project design, plan review and inspection purposes.
  • If your project was under contract for design or construction before February 14, 2022, you may submit plans and specifications based upon 2015 ICC Codes, with your permit application, through August 13, 2021. It must be accompanied by an executed copy of your contract.
  • 2017 ANSI 117 (Accessibility) and the 2021 IBC chapter 10 will become effective January 1, 2022.

Building Permits & Inspections

The Office of Building Permits and Inspections administers and enforces the City of Allentown’s building, plumbing and electrical codes, which apply to construction, alterations, use, location, occupancy or maintenance of all buildings, structures, and service equipment. The office reviews plans, issues permits and inspects the work.

The City of Allentown has developed a one-stop shop for information for developers and property owners looking for information about the development process and construction regulations.

Depending on your project you may need to coordinate with several City Departments and Bureaus.

For assistance with the building permits and inspections process, please contact:

Building Office: 610-437-7591

Step 1: Zoning Application

The first step in the Property Development Process is to determine if you need a zoning permit. 


Step 2: Codes Requirements

Contact the Building Construction Office to discuss the code requirements for your project. The Building Office will guide you through the development process and let you know if you need to apply for permits and submit plans. Please call to schedule an appointment to meet with a code official prior to coming to the counter.


Step 3: Permit Application

Apply for permits and submit plans, if required. 


Step 4: Plan Review

The majority of permit applications are for simple projects that do not require extensive plan review. In these instances, permits can be issued immediately. If your project requiring the Code Official and other professional to review your plans, it may take several days to complete the plan review and to receive your permit. Commercial plans must be reviewed by an approved 3rd party plan review agency. Please call to schedule an appointment with our Plan Review staff prior to coming to the counter for drop off.


Step 5: Receive the Permit

After your permit application is approved, you will pay for and pick up your permit. The permit is the document granting legal permission to start construction. You must post the permit in an area visible from the street.


Step 6: Inspections

Contact the inspector listed on your permit to request an inspection for the work you have completed. Please see these notes for information on inspection requirements. 


Step 7: Certificate of Occupancy

When you complete your project, and pass the final inspection, the inspector will mail a Certificate of Occupancy to you.