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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is the purpose of a traffic signal?

    Answer: Traffic signals are electronically operated traffic control devices which alternately direct traffic to stop and to proceed. Traffic signals are designed to ensure an orderly flow of traffic, provide an opportunity for pedestrians or vehicles to cross an intersection and help to reduce the number of conflicts between vehicles entering intersections from different directions.

  • Question: What is the requirement to get a Traffic Signal at the intersection?

    Answer: A traffic study and warrant analysis must be completed to evaluate that the intersection warrants Traffic Signal installation. The traffic study consists of volume analysis, crash reports and speed analysis. Once the warrants are met, and the designs are completed, the City can request the needed permit approval from PennDOT. All traffic signals in the City are permitted through PennDOT and maintained by the City.

  • Question: What is the requirement to have a multi-way or 4-way STOP sign installed?

    Answer: Both a traffic study and analysis must be completed to evaluate if the intersection warrants a multi-way STOP sign. The traffic study consists of volume analysis, crash reports and speed analysis. A multi-way STOP sign is NOT used for the speed control. For more detailed information, please refer to LTAP study #140, located in our resource section.

  • Question: How can I get a speed bumps on my Street to control speed?

    Answer: The City will no longer be placing speed bumps on the local Street. National studies show that once installed, speed bumps create more crashes. The City can evaluate problematic areas and place radar speed board or additional speed limit signage to assist with speed and warn the motorist.

  • Question: How can I request a street light in my neighborhood?

    Answer: A street light request can be made by an individual resident or a community group. A street light request form will need to be completed and include signatures from the neighborhood. Many factors are considered including, but not limited to, availability of acceptable power and distance between existing street lights in the requested area.

  • Question: How can I get a Street name sign in my alley?

    Answer: The City will not place street name signs in any alley unless they contain a residence or dwelling with an official US postal address.

  • Question: How long does it take to fix a street light after initial call?

    Answer: Street light repair time depends on the issue at hand. In normal cases it will takes a (1) one week to fix. If there is an underlying issue where we rely on PPL to address underground wiring or a power issue, we place a work order with PPL. After a PPL work order is placed, the repairs can take up to 8 weeks to complete.