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Graffiti Busters

Graffiti is not a victimless crime or a harmless prank. It is a form of vandalism that encourages littering, loitering, crime, violence, and more graffiti.

Graffiti vandals "tag" or put their moniker or nickname "up" in multiple locations for fame and/or social rebellion. Gangs and drug dealers mark territory with graffiti. Some graffiti may be artistic, however, it is done without permission of the property owner and is therefore, a crime. Publicity encourages more graffiti.

The best way to fight graffiti is to remove it. Call the Hotline. The Allentown Graffiti Busters program removes or covers the graffiti (depending on the surface of the structure) at no charge to Allentown property owners. Graffiti removal is weather dependent during the winter months.

In Allentown it is illegal:

  • to sell spray paint and markers to minors
  • for any minor to possess spray paint and markers
  • for any person to possess spray paint or markers in a public park

Report Graffiti
In progress: 911
Graffiti Vandalism: 610.437.7753
Racist/Hate Graffiti: 610.437.7773

Graffiti cleanup: 610.437.8729
Request graffiti cleanup