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Animal Control

Important Notice:

All 2022 annual dog licenses are now expired, as of December 31, 2022. Stop by the Recycling Office at 641 S. 10th St to purchase your 2023 license!
Only cash, check, or money order can be accepted as payment at this office.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Animal Control Program is to preserve and protect the public health through investigation and abatement of animal related nuisances. This is accomplished through the enforcement of the provisions of the Animal Control ordinances and other laws, regulations and policies.

Please direct the following animal related issues to Lehigh Valley Humane Society at (610) 797-1205

  • Stray contained domesticated animals
  • At-large domesticated animals
  • Animal Cruelty investigations

    The Lehigh Valley Humane Society's website is

Please direct the following animal related issues to the City of Allentown Animal Control (610) 437-7535

  • Animal bite and scratch reports
  • Feces accumulation on private property
  • Housing of farm animals
  • Barking complaints


Although the City of Allentown is a large city, it is not uncommon to observe wildlife walking about on neighborhood streets—even during the daylight hours.Trapping is an ineffective way to eliminate wildlife from your neighborhood. As long as food and shelter is available, neighboring animals will move in. If you are concerned about wildlife near your property, there are several precautions you can take:

  1. Use garbage and recycling cans with secure lids. 
  2. Do not put food on the ground for birds or other animals.  
  3. Repair all holes and openings in your roof, siding, porch, etc.  Wildlife will often gain entry to properties through weak structures and take up residence.
  4. Cover open spaces beneath structures such as porches, decks, and tool sheds. This will also keep out skunks, opossums, squirrels and rats.

For nuisance wildlife please direct all questions or comments to the Pennsylvania Game Commission at (610) 926-3136 or Game Commission (

The City of Allentown OR Lehigh Valley Humane Society will NOT respond to the following:

  1. Wildlife is located in the walls, attic, or roof areas of a dwelling (or any other areas that are not common areas). In these circumstances, you can either purchase a humane animal trap from a hardware or pest control retailer (such as Lowe’s or Home Depot), or contact a Licensed Wildlife Control (removal) agency. *Please note,  per State law it prohibits the re-releasing of all rabies vector species that are trapped and they must be euthanized (killed).
  2. Healthy wildlife is found in yards, streets, parks, etc.  These animals should be left alone and trapping of healthy wildlife is prohibited under state law with the exception of certain, special circumstances.  Use the resources provided above to deter these animals from frequenting your neighborhood.

Walking your pet

Animals are not allowed to run loose. All animals must be secured by a leash.  Animal droppings must be picked up immediately. No domestic animals are permitted in Old Allentown Cemetery at 10th & Linden Street.

At home

Animal owners must provide adequate water and food daily.  They must also provide clean and proper shelter both indoors and outdoors.  Pet owners are required to pick up all animal droppings on their property daily.


Pet owners must take measures to prevent their pets from excessive barking, crying or making annoying noise.

Vaccinations and Licensing

All dogs over the age of 12 weeks must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed per State law.  Licenses expire December 31st of the year they are purchased.  This does not apply to lifetime licenses which can be purchased at the Lehigh County Fiscal Office.  Lehigh County Licenses





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