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Current & Recently Completed Projects

Downtown Development & Urban Design Plan

Allentown is in the midst of a resurgence stemming from its downtown core where a historic wave of reinvestment has been taking place, demonstrating the area’s growing appeal as an inviting place to live, work, learn and play – and delivering with it strong economic and community value to the city and the Lehigh Valley region. To keep the momentum going in a well-considered manner and orderly fashion, city leaders commissioned a planning study that will recommend initiatives on land use, urban design, transportation and infrastructure. The plan is provided as a set of recommendations to city boards, commissions, and other key stakeholders and leadership for their full consideration, to inspire and guide further implementation actions. Three companion studies provide more detailed analysis of some of downtown’s most important areas for initiative, explaining its strong housing market potential, opportunities to minimize the land and funding needed for parking, and clear, effective ways to refine zoning and design guidelines for buildings.

Upside Allentown: Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods


This is a community-driven revitalization plan that covers most of Center City, from Jordan Creek to 12th Street, and from Union St. to Tilghman St., with the exception of Seventh Street -- where the boundary goes further north to the city limits. The plan was developed using information derived from two public meetings held during the summer of 2013 and a partnership formed with representatives of the Jordan Heights, Old Fairgrounds, Old Allentown; the Allentown Promise Neighborhood, the Hamilton Street District and the Seventh Street Corridor.

Lehigh Riverfront Master Plan

This was a significant strategic project that developed a redevelopment program for Allentown’s Lehigh River Waterfront. The project had extensive community participation and support, and was facilitated by a substantial and experienced consultant team.

Neuweiler Brewery Reuse Study

The vacant Neuweiler Brewery buildings and site are critical components of the Lehigh Riverfront Plan. The Reuse study performed a market scan, developed alternative reuse schemes and supporting pro formas. The study was an integral component of the property’s development RFP, leading to an agreement of sale.

Allentown Census Profile

This brief report describes the many demographic and housing changes that took place between 2000 and 2010.

Reindustrialization Study

The project’s genesis is sustainability, with the charge to create jobs proximate to where Allentown’s workforce reside,making it possible, to walk, bicycle, or take public transit from home to work. The program has three phases: A Citywide reindustrialization plan, Applying the plan to the Little Lehigh Creek Corridor, and Reviewing specific industrial buildings and sites for industrial reuse. From an economic standpoint the project is intended to increase Allentown’s employment base, raise household incomes and build fiscal base.