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Neighborhood Groups

Grassroots organizations, like a neighborhood association, crime watch, or tenants’ council, are necessary for a vibrant city. Members of neighborhood groups have a chance to determine the agenda and priorities of their neighborhood as they work with others to maintain or create the neighborhood they’re proud of. Active neighborhood groups have the stability, credibility and political clout to be an effective force for a great city.

If you think your neighborhood could benefit from being organized, or you already are organized and can benefit from an organizing tool kit, please examine Guide to Organizing Your Neighborhood, created by the Community & Economic Development Department.

Any Allentown resident interested in starting a neighborhood group in their neighborhood is asked to contact the Department of Community & Economic Development. 

Benefits of Forming an Organization

  • An organization provides a way for neighbors to get to know and support each other.
  • When neighbors are organized, they have more power to make changes and reach goals.
  • Members of an organization gain a unified voice and influence in community affairs.
  • Having an organization allows better communication with local government and other agencies.
  • Residents assume responsibility for keeping their neighborhood healthy and vital.

Image shown of neighbors cleaning high grass and weeds.

Neighborhood Newsletters

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Community Watch
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Neighborhood Association
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