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Allentown Celebrates Recycling Week

Allentown Celebrates Recycling Week

The City of Allentown and Lehigh County will celebrate America Recycles week beginning Sunday, November 9 with two contests and concluding with a four hour event at the Drop-off Center on Saturday, November 15!

Allentown Recycling is promoting two contests- “Bin It to Win It!” and “Drop It to Win It.”

“Bin It to Win It!” is a contest to encourage curbside recycling where residents have a chance to win one of fifteen (15) $25 Visa gift cards. City residents that pay for curbside collection can pre-register for a chance to be randomly selected and checked on their recycling night for how well and how much they are recycling.

In “Drop It to Win It,” residents are encouraged to bring their recyclables to the Drop-Off Center at 15th St. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. on Saturday, November 15 from 10 am - 2 pm and register for a chance to win one of (5) $25 gift cards.

Contestants in “Bin It to Win It!” must pre-register online at or at the Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste office at 1400 Martin Luther King, Jr Dr. by Sunday, November 9 at 6:00pm.

Pre-registered participants must have their green and blue recycling bins out by 8:00pm on their recycling night. Three (3) $25 Visa gift cards will be awarded in each recycling zone night (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) to qualified residents.

Residents should be recycling all mixed paper, cardboard & paperboard, mail & magazines, newspapers & telephone books in their blue bins. All aluminum cans, foil and pie plates, steel cans, plastic bottles, tubs and buckets marked #1-#7, glass bottles & jars, milk, juice & broth cartons, metal pots & pans go in the green bin!

The prize money for the “Bin It to Win It!” contest is sponsored by Waste Management, Inc., Allentown’s trash and recycling hauler.

The Allentown Recycling Drop-off Center is jointly run by the Allentown Bureau of Recycling & Solid Waste and Lehigh County Juvenile Probation. Since the start of this collaboration, Lehigh County Juvenile Probation has been able to reimburse close to 3,000 Lehigh County crime victims, pay $700,000 in restitution to victims of juvenile crime, and divert millions of pounds of recycling materials from landfills.

The Allentown Recycling Drop Off Center accepts newspaper, mixed colored paper & magazines, books & phone books, cardboard, paperboard, cartons (milk, juice, drink boxes), scrap metal, plastics bottles, tubs & buckets marked #1- #7, glass bottles & jars, aluminum cans, foil & pie plates, steel cans, clothing & textiles.

In 2013, Allentown residents recycled 6,578 tons of green and blue bin material in the curbside collection program and 1,312.4 tons from the recycling drop-off center.

Recycling has many rewards and benefits. It’s good for the environment, reduces pollution, conserves energy and our natural resources, and saves money on trash disposal costs. 


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