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Mountainville Crime Watch Donates Police Bike

Mountainville Crime Watch Donates Police Bike

There is a brand new police bicycle on the streets of Allentown!

Members of the Mountainville #30 Crime Watch presented the bike to police department representatives today at a 12 noon ceremony at Valley Farm Market on Emaus Avenue. Crime Watch members raised a large portion of the funds to purchase the $1450 bike from selling hot dogs from a tent at the market.

Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald accepted the bike on behalf of the department. “We are fortunate to have a number of very active crime watch groups in the city,” said Fitzgerald. “This is a very generous donation by Mountainville #30 Crime Watch. We greatly appreciate the time and effort put into raising the funds for the bike which will be put to very good use.”

Bicycle patrols make officers more visible and easily approachable in areas of the city where normal patrol vehicles are unable to go. Officers on bikes are able to patrol areas where people would not normally see police presence such as parking garages, alleys and parks. Officers are also much more mobile in city settings due to traffic congestion and one way streets.

The 2014 Trek Police Model Bike was purchased from Allentown Bike Line. It features 29” wheels providing improved stability, agility and speed for everyday police patrol needs. The larger wheels mean more contact with the ground for better traction and more forward momentum for rolling over smaller obstacles. The bike consists of a frame made from high strength aluminum, Rockshox front suspension fork with 100mm of suspension travel, 27 gears and disk brakes for greater stopping power in any weather condition. The bike is highly visible with “police” markings on both the frame and the rear gear bag. 


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