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Vision 2030 Plan Adopted

Vision 2030 Plan Adopted
Allentown Vision 2030, the official Comprehensive Plan for the City of Allentown, is now in effect following the unanimous vote Tuesday by City Council.

Allentown Vision 2030 is the 10-year Comprehensive and Economic Development Plan for inclusive and equitable growth. The plan addresses the topics of housing, workforce development, economic opportunity, social equity, environment and conservation, community development, transportation, land use, historic preservation, open space, and a range of other areas that affect the quality of life and vibrancy of the city of Allentown.

The City of Allentown Department of Community and Economic Development led the Allentown Vision 2030 plan development process with the support of technical consultants from evolve environment + architecture, Fourth Economy, and Faces International.

The development of the Allentown Vision 2030 Plan was an inclusive process that engaged thousands of community members through Community Collaboration Meetings, a citywide survey, neighborhood events, and the Vision 2030 Community Engagement Hub. The Allentown Vision 2030 Plan goals, recommendations and actions are based on input and ideas from across the Allentown community.

“Allentown Vision 2030 is a community-created plan,” said Mayor Ray O’Connell. “Our Allentown community shared their voices and their ideas to develop an ambitious plan for inclusive and equitable growth over the next 10 years. With their partnership, we know we will make Allentown Vision 2030 a reality for our city.”

Director of Community and Economic Development Leonard Lightner said, “We are ready to get to work on the Allentown Vision 2030 Plan. We look forward to collaborating with our Allentown community, businesses, institutions, nonprofits, and organizations to make sure this Plan does not sit on the shelf.”

The Allentown Vision 2030 Plan recommendations cover five ‘Urban Systems’: Economic Development, Housing, Accessibility and Connectivity, Services and Amenities, and Living Systems. Potential future land use strategies and recommendations are found in the ‘Areas of Allentown’ section. The Plan contains a set of ‘Catalytic Actions’ that span all five Urban Systems and are considered ‘early implementation’ actions that will start within its first three years. There will be a yearly Allentown Vision 2030 Report Card to track the progress and impact of the Allentown Vision 2030 Plan prepared by the Bureau of Planning & Zoning and presented to the community, City Council and mayor.

The Allentown Vision 2030 Plan can be accessed at: Hard copies of the Plan can be requested by emailing and picked up from the City of Allentown Bureau of Planning & Zoning located at Allentown City Hall, 435 Hamilton Street – 4th Floor, Allentown PA 18101.

The Allentown Vision 2030 Plan will be fully translated into Spanish and the Spanish translation will be available in 2020. The translation of the Allentown Vision 2030 Plan is being led by the consultant team Clear Language Communications LLC. 


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