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Institutional Sanitation & Safety

The primary objective of the program's activities in each of the institutional settings is to protect the public from health and safety hazards which could result in illness or unintentional injury. Problems which may be found in institutions are not limited to safety and sanitation issues but also include indoor air quality concerns, personal health matters (e.g., immunizations) and occupational health hazards (e.g., chemical exposures).  Specific activities include identifying hazards and determining appropriate intervention strategies with facility operators to reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses. 

The types of facilities that fall under this category are family daycares, group home daycares, child care centers, swimming pools, schools and long term care facilities.   

Child Care

In addition to the Department of Human Services daycare registration, the Allentown Health Bureau registers and inspects all family child care facilities, group child care homes, and child care centers within the city limits of Allentown. An inspection of the food service at these facilities is also conducted, but a separate food license is not required.

Swimming Pools

The swimming pools located within the city limits of Allentown are inspected by the state of Pennsylvania and the City of Allentown.  All swimming pools and public bathing places are required to obtain a PA State Bathing Permit and permission to operate from the Allentown Health Bureau.  The primary goals of each pool operator must be to maintain water quality and water safety.

Swimming Pool Guide


The Allentown Health Bureau conducts comprehensive inspections for all of the public schools within the City of Allentown.  During inspections, health or sanitation issues that may pose a health threat to students and staff are identified.  Items which are focal points during a routine inspection of the school environment include indoor air quality, ventilation, lighting, proper storage and handling of chemical hazards, pest control and pesticide use, playground safety, and general fire and electrical safety.

A separate inspection is done for the food service to ensure proper food handling in kitchens and cafeterias.  The Allentown Health Bureau also conducts a food safety/person-in-charge training presentation for all cafeteria staff at least once a year.   Sanitarians work closely with school administrators and facility personnel to address all public health concerns.  

Long-term Care Facilities

Long-term Care Facilities are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.  In addition, the Allentown Health Bureau conducts an annual facility and food service inspection.  The routine inspections of these facilities focus on ventilation, lighting, proper storage and handling of chemical hazards and soiled linens, proper storage of medications, pest control, and general fire, electrical, and structural safety. 

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