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Allentown Fire Department
The Allentown Fire Department (AFD) consists of 129 firefighters manning six fire stations with seven engines and three ladder trucks. In 2020, the AFD responded to 11,884 calls for service in the City of Allentown. Special Teams include Hazardous Materials, Bomb Squad, Underwater Recovery and Technical Rescue. All Department members train extensively to insure that our citizens have a safe place to live and work.


Allentown Fire Chief 
The Fire Chief oversees the entire Fire Department and supervises an administrative staff, composed of the Deputy Fire Chief of Operations, Assistant Fire Chief of Fire Prevention, Assistant Fire Chief of Education Training, and Captain of Public Affairs.  The Fire Chief works with Local, State and Federal agencies to accomplish the mission of the Allentown Fire Department.



Deputy Fire Chief of Operations
Oversees the operational activities of the Department, which includes operational training, staffing, dispatch/deployment, procurement, and liaison to the communications center, fleet management and labor management. In the absence of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief takes overall charge of the Department. The Deputy Chief is responsible for command staff and suppression activities for four platoons. Each platoon is comprised of one Battalion Chief who, in turn, commands one Captain, one Fire Marshal, and seven Lieutenants.



Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention
Manages all fire code enforcement and fire inspections and records management; Performs fire protection system plan review. Coordinates with the building, mechanical and electrical inspectors to ensure safe buildings. Performs certificate of occupancy inspections and controls the Knox Box rapid-entry program. The Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention supervises the Captain of Public Affairs and four (4) Fire Marshals and serves as the liaison to the State Fire Marshal for the jurisdiction of Allentown.



Assistant Chief of Education/Training
The Assistant Chief of Education/Training serves as the Director of the Fire Academy; Responsible for associated budgets and programs. Coordinates all training of all fire personnel and City-wide emergency management resources; Serves as the Allentown Fire Department Safety Officer for incident safety and health and safety of every Firefighter. As Assistant Chief of Education/Training serves as liaison to local colleges, Fire Departments and businesses to provide interoperability and education.



Captain of Public Affairs
Coordinates all community events in relation to the Fire Department. Supervises all fire safety programs, open houses, extinguisher training and school visitations; Provides lectures for various organizations to promote fire safe residences and workplaces. The Captain of Public Affairs acts as the Information Officer for all emergency operations and public education. Inspects all health care facilities and high-rise buildings and schools within the City to ensure a fire safe environment.