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Neighborhood Registry

Neighborhood Registry

The Allentown Neighborhood Registry is the official list of Allentown neighborhood-based organizations. The Neighborhoods and Community Engagement Program supports the establishment of neighborhood groups as a vehicle to get residents involved in decisions affecting their neighborhoods. The Presidents' Council is comprised of the president of each neighborhood group. The council meets monthly and neighborhood-based organizations are encouraged to send representatives to the meetings at which time presidents will receive and then in turn share information and have a voice in what is happening in the community.

The Neighborhood Registry includes more than 20 active neighborhood-based organizations. Neighborhood organizations that are not already on the Neighborhood Registry are invited to join. There is no charge to be listed on the Neighborhood Registry.

Who Should Register:

  • Neighborhood associations
  • Community Watch groups

Benefits of being on the Neighborhood Registry include:

  • City assistance with neighborhood events, festivals and activities
  • City assistance with neighborhood cleanups
  • Support from the City of Allentown Neighborhood Coordinator, who can help you start or maintain a neighborhood group
  • City assistance with two mailings during an organization's first year on the Registry
  • Access to City facilities for monthly meetings
  • Linkage to the President’s Council which advises City Council on issues affecting local communities

Requirements To register, an organization must:

  • Have defined geographic boundaries
  • Hold at least one meeting a year
  • Have officers and a contact person
  • Be nonpartisan
  • Be open to anyone who lives or owns property in the neighborhood
  • Have a constitution, bylaws or mission statement

How to Register

Download an editable document to email in or print out and mail an application to the Planning and Zoning Bureau. If you would like more information, call the Mayor's Assistant at 610-437-7743.

Forming a Neighborhood Organization

The Community and Economic Department will help you organize your neighborhood for free. You also can refer to the Neighborhood-based Organization Toolkit, published by the City of Allentown. For assistance, call the Mayor's Assistant at 610 437-7743.