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Leadership Institute

Citizen Education

The City of Allentown Leadership Institute is a 12 hour course offered each spring to help residents develop their skills as neighborhood or community leaders. Many graduates of the Leadership Institute go on to leadership roles in neighborhood organizations.

Who May Attend
The City of Allentown Leadership Academy is free for residents of the City of Allentown and surrounding municipalities. Class size is limited to 30 participants to encourage class participation. Teenagers are encouraged to attend.

Class Location
Classes are held at Sacred Heart Conference Center, 2nd floor – 421 W. Chew Street

Topics change from year to year, but typically facilitators provide information on: Effective Communication, Cultural Competency, and Leading with Integrity and Humility.

Carol Johnson
 “This was an excellent leadership workshop. I encourage any individual in a leadership position to take the next class and bring youth leaders with you. Leadership skill development is ongoing.”

Brian Smith
“This program allowed me to meet diverse yet like-minded individuals and helped me to grow as a leader.”

Rachel Lang
“This workshop was an easy way to practice community building on a small manageable scale. I laughed, I thought deeply, and I think I’m better for it. Hopefully I might be able to jump right into leadership roles now that I know I can.”

Stay tuned for the spring 2015 registration

Questions? Please call the Mayor's Assistant at 610 437-7743 or email

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